History of Wilmot Jujitsu

Wilmot Jujitsu became the first Jujitsu school in Baden as of June 2004.

Mr. Calhoun taught anyone that was interested in training – outdoors. Since there was no permanent location as of yet classes were held at Beck Park. Our white Gi's (tradition uniforms) become more like camouflage as we trained.

Later that year a space was acquired in the basement of the Livingston Presbyterian Church on Beck Street. The Church and its members were very welcoming. By the spring of 2005 we needed more space for our new members. Wilmot Jujitsu eventually moved to the basement of the town hall - also on Beck Street. We shared time one evening a week in the downstairs lounge in the Back of Castle Kilbride. Our mats would be lifted and transported over and back once a week. Students would put the puzzle mats down in their numbered sequence and then we would begin to train. The evening would end with the raising of the mats into Mr. Calhoun's car so that he could take them back to the town hall. These two locations also made it possible to run our first children classes.

It took until May 2006 to find our Foundry Street location. Mr. Melvin Lee, then owner of the building which was built in 1882, was a bit surprised at what Wilmot Jujitsu was and what we did, but he let us rent out the location regardless of his reservations. The building has not been the same since. We know that it is sturdy and sound as we have tested it with our bodies. Over and over again we throw, jump and spin on the old hardwood floors covered by the same puzzle mats used at the Livingston Presbyterian Church. The Foundry Street location was home to both Mr.Calhoun's Wilmot Jujitsu and Mr. Tony Rosa's Wushu and Taichi programs for the first year, but eventually Wilmot Jujitsu was the only tenant.

Initially, Mr. Calhoun taught both Jujitsu and Iaido but due to the lack of interest in Iaido he stopped teaching it as a scheduled class. In place of the Iaido class Mr. Calhoun began to teach Genbukan Ninpo as taught to him by Kyoshi Troy Wideman of the Mugen Dojo in Kitchener. Both Shinki Ryu Jujitsu and Genbukan Ninpo are taught at Wilmot Jujitsu in a scheduled manor. Mr. Calhoun also makes himself available to teach Hiden Mugei Ryu Iaido, International Motobu Ha Shito Ryu Karate and Kobujustu, but only upon requisition of private instruction.

Our Goal is to build and maintain a dojo (training hall) that practices superior training values and cultivated ability, which endeavours to produce a strong and peaceful community.

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