Genbukan Ninpo Bugei Taijutsu

The following has been written by Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura (58th Soke Amatsu Tatara Ryu):

When speaking of Ninja, the image of the black clad assassin disappearing in a cloud of smoke is what comes to mind. This distortion has nothing to do with the reality of studying "Ninpo". To no extent does a ninja place his or her heart second to the sword. A ninja never carries a grudge when humiliated or denounced. A ninja possess a compassionate heart and pursues peace and harmony.

This attitude is called the "Spirit of Ninniku". Ceaselessly helping the people aournd him or her, the ninja uses "Ninpo" to maintain a just society. For this purpose, Ninpo Bugei, the origin of all martial arts and a previously guarded secret can now be taught to all. A ninja must nurture the"Spirit of Ninniku" while obtaining proficiency in the basic eighteen martial arts categories (Bugei Juhappan) and the exclusive eighteen ninja categories (Ninpo Sanjuokkei). Through the Genbukan, Ninpo Bugei is taught for illumination, awareness and defense of mind, body, and spirit. Although the term "Ninpo Bugei" is known throughout the world, very few know it's true significance. Those who practice Ninpo Bugei are even fewer.

Come without fear and train, for what was once thickly veiled knowledge is now being shared. Having served in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department for 15 years and having taught people Ninpo from all over the world, I firmly believe that Ninpo Bugei has come of age. There is a real need for this exalted art.

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